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At ArtSeen, Inc., we take customer service very seriously. We believe it’s important for our clients to be comfortable with the process of selecting art. We spend time listening to clients, getting to know their art preferences, and we have developed a system that takes the confusion and uncertainty out of the selection process. With the right guidance, choosing and acquiring art can be an efficient, fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

June Linowitz is an artist who founded ArtSeen, Inc. in 1996. Linowitz has been actively involved in the Washington, DC art scene for the past 20 years. She was Director of Studio Gallery in Washington for seven years. Linowitz serves on the board of directors of the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland and the Board of Directors of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Montgomery County. She was a Commissioner of the Montgomery County Celebration 2000. Linowitz is well acquainted with artists and art institutions in the mid-Atlantic region. She is active as an independent curator, exhibitions judge and juror, and public speaker.

Dena Crosson has extensive experience in the Washington metropolitan art world. She has worked at the National Gallery, directed Touchstone Gallery, and most recently was director of University of Maryland University College’s Arts Program, an exhibition program dedicated to Maryland artists. Dena is currently working on a Ph.D in art history at the University of Maryland, and brings a wealth of knowledge, contacts, and good humor to ArtSeen.

ArtSeen Press and FAQ

ArtSeen, Inc. has been featured in art publications and the general press. Click on the titles of the articles below to link to the full article. Click on FAQ to link to frequently asked questions.

ArtSeen, Inc.—An Art Consulting Business
By June Linowitz
InPrint—Maryland Printmakers Newsletter
July 7, 2000
In a quest to make original fine art easily available to businesses, Linowitz has developed a different approach and a unique perspective.

Mission Possible: Putting starving artists on the payroll
By Ellen Wexler
Montgomery Gazette
June 11, 1999
June Linowitz has looked at the art scene from both sides—both as an artist and as a successful art consultant.



Lease a Masterpiece
By Kathy Callahan
Washington Flyer
May/June 1999
June Linowitz wants her business to be a success, but what she is really after is to turn Washington into a city of art lovers, one office at a time.

The Entrepreneurs:
Art Broker decks clients' halls with local artists' masterpieces

By Heather Skale
The Washington Times
April 5, 1999
Linowitz has developed a successful system for helping businesses select art, serving with special care both her clients and the artists she represents.

A New Approach to Corporations
By June Linowitz

Art Calendar Market Report
June 1998
When given the opportunity, businesses will select art that is diverse, challenging and exciting.


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