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What kind of art do you carry?

ArtSeen specializes in original fine art in all media and styles. We have paintings, sculpture, fine art prints, drawings, photography, textiles, and much more. We do not carry posters or reproductions.

How does the art leasing work?

ArtSeen offers a variety of leasing plans. One plan will allow you to rotate the artwork so you display entirely new artwork a couple times a year. Another plan lets you try the artwork while you decide whether or not you want to purchase. There’s even a leasing plan that finances your fine art collection. For further information please contact ArtSeen directly at (301) 229-2665 or info@artseeninc.com

How can I convey to you my taste in fine art or the preference of the staff when I can’t say what it is that I’m looking for?

ArtSeen knows that a picture is worth a thousand words so we’ve put together a foolproof method for determining what you like. We ask you to go through a stack of postcards that contain images of fine art and to place the postcards in piles reflecting your likes and dislikes. We also ask you to talk about your company, your corporate culture, and how you want your company to be perceived. We are very skilled listeners. The process itself only takes about half an hour but by the end we know your art preferences, how you see your company and the image you want your company to project.

How do we see the art? Do we go to your showroom? Do you have a catalogue?

If your business is in the Washington-Baltimore area, ArtSeen will come to you. After all, the art is going to be in your office space so it’s important to keep that space in mind. Once we know your art preferences we will prepare a slide presentation for you. ArtSeen represents over 300 artists and each of those artists has at least 20 available works in our inventory. From over 6000 available works ArtSeen composes a presentation of 100–200 artworks that will fit your taste and budget. If you’re not happy with what we show you the first time, we’ll show you more. If you’re especially interested in a particular artist’s work, we’ll do a full presentation on that artist and his/her work. We’ll even arrange a studio visit if you have the time and the artist is local. The process can be as involved or as streamlined as you want it to be.

What if my business isn’t in the Washington-Baltimore area?

ArtSeen is still interested in working with you. And no matter where your business is located we believe that visiting your business, seeing your space and talking with your staff is critical. Your company will be required to cover the cost of travel, expenses and a consultation fee for this initial visit. The consultation fee can be applied towards your ArtSeen art acquisitions. Once we have an understanding of your art preferences, your budget and your corporate culture, ArtSeen has the capability of doing a custom presentation of artwork electronically or by disk. Our out-of-town clients find working with ArtSeen to be a productive, enjoyable and affordable process. For additional information please contact us at (301) 229-2665 or info@artseeninc.com.

Do we get to see the art before we buy or lease it?

We absolutely insist that you see the art before you purchase it. No matter how excellent the slides of the art might be (and we insist that our artists have professional quality slides) it is never the same as the original. The original artwork is often a surprise because it has so much more vibrancy and subtlety. We always give our clients the opportunity to see the artwork in person before concluding any purchasing or leasing agreement.

Will you help me figure out what art is needed and where it should be placed?

Most of our clients are interested in acquiring original fine art for their reception area, conference room(s) and executive office area(s). ArtSeen personnel have a lot of experience in art placement. We curate, jury and hang art exhibitions throughout the metropolitan area. We will help you select the right art for the right location. We’ll make sure the art will make an impact without overwhelming the space.

Isn’t original fine art terribly expensive?

People tend to believe that original fine art is terribly expensive. This isn’t necessarily the case. Original fine art prints can be purchased for as little as $200 or leased for a minimum of $20 per month. Our clients are often surprised at how competitive original fine art is with the reproductions that are seen everywhere. And, in a way that no tired reproduction or mass-produced print can, original art instantly communicates your sense of quality, performance and capability. Art is the image of success.

Will ArtSeen frame the art?

ArtSeen does not frame artwork but we will work with the framer of your choice or suggest a framer to you. ArtSeen will help the client as much or as little as the client prefers with the framing process.

Does ArtSeen work exclusively with commercial clients?

Although commercial accounts are our primary emphasis, many satisfied corporate customers have asked ArtSeen for residential assistance. If you are interested in exploring how ArtSeen can assist you with your residence please contact us directly at (301) 229-2665 or info@artseeninc.com.

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