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ArtSeen, Inc. has worked with a variety of corporate and institutional clients, helping them to make the most of their art investment. Here’s what our clients have told us:

June Linowitz is an artist. She is also a wonderful communicator. Her success as an art consultant comes from her ability to provide artistic input while enabling her clients to discover their own tastes and inclinations, at their own pace. June never pushes her personal opinions on her clients. Nor does she recklessly promote her artists. She remains unbiased and focused on determining what a client truly desires, exercising amazing forbearance and instinct. And her art portfolio speaks for itself—her network of local artists are first-rate talents and their work is wonderful.

Working with ArtSeen, Inc. is more fun than work. The end result of a relationship with June and her team can only lead to personal satisfaction, and a greater appreciation for art and aesthetics.

Stacy Mendler
Senior Vice President
IIT Research Institute


I wish to thank ArtSeen for your outstanding assistance in the procurement of artwork for our new international headquarters office. It has been a pleasure to work with you on this relatively small but complex project. It is rare to experience the level of professionalism that you bring to your work.

Our organization represents 3500 members worldwide, all of whom are owners or founders of businesses like ArtSeen. We have just now grown to a size that affords us the budget to create a work environment that is an appropriate reflection of our members and staff. You were acutely sensitive to my interpretation of who and what we are and showed outstanding listening skills.

The selections that you brought to us were well liked and within budget. It was then easy to proceed to the framing and installation in a short time. You also took on a search for a glass award that was akin to the search for the Holy Grail for me. The feedback from the staff has been unanimously positive. More importantly, our executive director gave me the most positive response on this project in our three years of working together.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Barbara Buzzell Schwartz
Office Manager
Young Entrepreneur’s Organization


On behalf of Nixon & Vanderhye I extend my gratitude for ArtSeen’s efforts in obtaining artwork for our firm.

Prior to our connection with ArtSeen, we experienced a “hit and miss” effort (mostly unsatisfactory as none of our assigned ‘art personnel’ had the time to devote to visiting galleries, etc.). The art consultants we propositioned during this time seemed more interested in pushing their artist’s wares and were less interested in zeroing in on our needs.

ArtSeen provided top quality artwork from its resource of hundreds of artists at a reasonable price. It was an effortless experience for us owing to ArtSeen’s expertise in knowing space, visualizing the possibilities and listening to our requirements. We thank you.

Geraldine K. Czajkowski
Manager, Graphics Department
Nixon & Vanderhye P.C.





As a 5-person boutique law firm decorating our own office space for the first time, we had looked for artwork for our office on our own without finding anything we could all agree on. With one call to ArtSeen, we found June Linowitz, who helped us save time and frustration by bringing works by hundreds of accomplished artists to us.

June did an outstanding job at quickly learning each of our personal tastes and synthesizing them to focus on the styles and artists that reflected our firm
s personality, even though we didnt have the words to describe it ourselves. She then presented a slide show of several works each by a number of artists so that we could see the range of works available and narrow the possibilities to half a dozen artists or so. Then she helped us select works that fit our space, budget and the mood of our office. Because June knows each of the artists, she even arranged for us to meet a couple of them and visit their studios to view new works and works in progress.

With June
s help, selecting the artwork was the most enjoyable part of setting up our offices. The hardest part was deciding which works we could live without. We chose 11 works by 5 artists. That was almost two years ago, and we love the works we picked even more now. Everyone who comes to our office comments on our original artworks, and we believe they are the best investment we made. We continue to call on ArtSeen when we are looking for artworks for both personal and professional needs, and can always count on finding beautiful original works at a good value within almost any budget.

Lisa M. Landmeier
Dickinson Landmeier LLP
Washington, D.C.



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